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Accelerate Automation Transformations With Windmill

Modern automation solutions offer almost every business an opportunity to innovate and improve over the old way of doing things. Cost savings are only the start. Efficiency and productivity can increase with effective automation. Job satisfaction can improve, too, as staff focus less on demanding manual tasks and more on creative problem-solving. At Tungsten Automation, we’ve built the platforms that help businesses achieve these goals. Companies can embark on an automation journey with a much-elevated chance of success through our partners, such as Windmill.

Today, we’re spotlighting Windmill as a premier Tungsten partner. With diverse experience and an array of advanced solutions available in the Marketplace, this team can help you accelerate your timeline toward a positive ROI on automation. Here’s what to know about Windmill.

Developing Years of Expertise in Automation

Founded in 2005, Windmill has been an established provider of automation expertise since 2007. Windmill has worked closely with the Tungsten ecosystem for almost their entire existence. Windmill has remained on the cutting edge as automation has grown, changed and advanced over the years. Hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of our platforms allow Windmill to provide other companies with a trusted roadmap toward effective automation. Indeed, 97% of all Windmill projects involve leveraging Tungsten solutions.

Windmill provides partners with solutions aligned with your business goals and needs. Do you want to increase the efficiency of your processes? Do you require higher-quality data or workflows that let you be more productive? What about maintaining compliance and good governance? These are all areas of expertise for Windmill. Their proven record of delivering valuable and reliable solutions makes them a dependable choice for those operating in many industries, from transportation and logistics to healthcare, insurance and more.

What Can Windmill Offer to Your Business?

Windmill offers support in many ways to businesses seeking automation solutions. The ready-to-deploy options in the Tungsten Marketplace are just one of those possible approaches. Working with Windmill, you can engage their expertise in areas such as:

  • Integration. Discover ways to connect your systems and integrate automation more closely into your workflows. End data silos and create more touchless processes through deeper integration and smart data routing.
  • Automation workshops. Let Windmill put together a custom workshop tailored to your business requirements. Start exploring what’s possible and create a roadmap for the journey ahead.
  • Training. Keep your personnel fully in the loop and engaged with the changing nature of work. Windmill offers high-level training solutions backed up by their years of experience to get your workers up to speed on automated workflows.
  • Support. Find help with troubleshooting and problem-solving. Get support for maintaining and improving your automation solutions over time.

With a customer-centric approach across all these service categories, you can capture more value from automation investments while staying on target.

The Value of Working With a Tungsten Automation Platinum Partner

Windmill has achieved one of the most advanced levels of certification on Tungsten platforms. As a Platinum Partner, Windmill consistently demonstrates a high-level understanding of our solutions and has a proven capacity for innovating solutions for others. The depth and scope of their experience are such that companies can find support for many advanced automation projects. This experience and understanding at Windmill extend to the following Tungsten platforms and products:

With this range of capabilities, you can partner with Windmill to leverage Tungsten platforms for everything from overhauling invoice processing to better supply chain management.

What are the Benefits of Partnering With Windmill?

With experience supporting organizations in over a dozen different countries, Windmill’s experience with Tungsten solutions can prove transformative. Reducing manual work and the resulting errors is just a glimpse at the broader benefits advanced automation can create. Windmill projects have helped partners achieve results such as:

  • An 86% increase in productivity: Humans working in cohesion with automation can achieve more than either can alone.
  • A 59% reduction in costs: Discover how to transform departments such as Accounts Payable into value creators for the rest of your business.
  • A 90% improvement in quality work output: Higher accuracy through advanced OCR and intelligent cognitive capture tools means fewer errors and resolutions.
  • A 92% positive change towards compliance. Avoid the headaches and organizational risks that come from noncompliance. Building automation into your workflows can dramatically improve compliance outcomes that are otherwise very burdensome to your personnel.

With Windmill solutions, consulting and support, your organization could tap into these benefits, too.

Tungsten Marketplace Solutions by Windmill

The Tungsten Marketplace is a source of excellent value for organizations exploring automation today. Here, partners such as Windmill contribute solutions that are ready for you to start using within a short time. There’s less need today to develop fully bespoke solutions for business automation. Instead, you can shrink the timeline necessary to see real improvements by deploying Tungsten-based solutions. What are some of the Marketplace solutions available from Windmill right now?

  • EasyClaims. Built for healthcare claims processing, EasyClaims automates many of the challenging data extraction tasks necessary for processing. Reduce claim turnaround times significantly and rely on high-quality data for your processes.
  • EasyCash. Allocate cash optimally and understand your daily financial status better. In-depth ERP integration and excellent OCR ensure that you can process checks, extract EFT information and do more with less manual work.
  • EasyClearance. Make quick work of troublesome customs clearance procedures with this document processing solution for this sector.

These and other solutions are ready for companies to embrace the advantages of automation.

Explore What More You Can Achieve With Automation Today

Uncover what’s possible with automation today. Successful projects no longer require years of planning and many months of testing and development before you can deploy. With Tungsten platforms, Marketplace solutions and support from Windmill, real process improvements and real value are closer to hand than ever. Start your journey today when you learn more about Windmill solutions in the Marketplace or connect with this Tungsten Platinum Partner for consulting and support.


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