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Étude de cas

Honda Logistics Reallocates 50% of AP FTEs

Honda Logistics transformed their North American operations from a seven system puzzle to a single streamlined workflow. By unlocking the power of advanced historical and real-time, line-level analytics, their AP team to begin investing in strategic initiatives.

50 %

of FTEs reallocated to other parts of the business

48 hours

guaranteed invoice validation


visibility over invoices


invoices per year

We needed a system that could manage all seven companies’ invoices separately as well as having a clear authorisation matrix for approvals. Tungsten Network offered us the best solution for a complex business.
Brad Gerritsen
Accounts Payable Coordinator, Honda Logistics North America, Inc.

Until 2015, HLNA’s AP department was relying on a variety of manual, paper-based processes to handle 115,000 invoices per year, with inconsistencies from between different locations. This decentralized process led to a lack of invoice and accrual visibility within the business and created significant delays, damaging vendor relationships.

Brad Gerritsen, a 21-year AP veteran and Accounts Payable Coordinator for all HLNA companies in North America, knew there was a faster, more reliable way for Honda Logistics North America to process invoices, so he began investigating e-invoicing at industry conferences. After proving the efficacy of invoice automation to HLNA’s manager of finance and gaining business approval, Brad spearheaded the project, beginning with soliciting, researching, and vetting competitive bids, before ultimately deciding to partner with Tungsten.

Honda Logistics

Meet Honda Logistics

Honda Logistics North America, Inc. (HLNA) provides special warehousing, storage, freight, transportation and logistics for Honda manufacturing facilities throughout North America. Until 2015, HLNA’s AP department was relying on a variety of divergent manual, paper-based processes to handle 115,000 invoices per year, with inconsistencies from one location to the next.

Now in its sixth year using Workflow, HLNA has experienced transformative results from the very beginning. “By taking a proactive stance on our Accounts Payable processes as opposed to a reactive stance, we are able to better maintain a positive relationship with our internal customers, our vendors, our internal management staff and our finance staff,” says Brad.

Partnering with Tungsten Network has given Brad, and the rest of his team, peace of mind. The books are closed on the first of every month, there’s greater synergy between AP and other HLNA departments, and for the first time in the company’s history the AP department is able to offer deep discounts, focus on strategic initiatives, and serve as a profit centre for the company.

Honda Logistics