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Étude de cas

Foundation Home Loans Improves Responsiveness While Keeping Headcount Flat

50 %

Faster responses to inbound customer requests

16 hours

Saved per day by automating inbound document processing


Of all inbound documents classified without human input

Foundation Home Loans uses Kofax solutions for process automation—cutting customer response times by over 50%, saving over 16 person-hours per day and creating headroom for growth.

“By the time an item reaches our customer services team, it’s electronic and classified for immediate and clear action. Freeing our team from repetitive tasks also greatly improves job satisfaction, which we see as a powerful contributor to employee performance and retention.”
Julie Hood
Senior IT Project Manager, Foundation Home Loans

About Company

Headquartered in Bracknell, England, Foundation Home Loans is an intermediary-only lender offering a competitive range of products to meet the needs of buy-to-let clients, limited companies, and applicants for residential mortgages who just miss out on the mainstream lenders. Through its intuitive online portal, Foundation Home Loans provides instant and accurate decisions, saving mortgage brokers time.



Kofax TotalAgility
Kofax Communications Manager


Intelligent Automation
Document Capture
Classification and Triage