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Expand Automation Capabilities With Tungsten Connectors

Across industries and business software applications, data silos have been a persistent issue for years. Systems disconnected from one another demand manual work. Especially in areas such as accounts payable, workers spend hours daily moving information around by hand. In today’s fast-paced business environment, such slow and error-prone processes can’t keep up. Better solutions are necessary, primarily when you invest in automation. With suitable Tungsten connectors, you can significantly expand the reach and impact of your automation spend.

The Tungsten Marketplace is where you’ll find these solutions. Designed by experts and based on real-world use cases and requirements, the connectors you can find help you more deeply integrate advanced functionality into your business. Join us for a closer look at what’s possible with Marketplace solutions today.

The Need for Custom-Built Connectors in the Current Digital Ecosystems

According to one study, the average business uses more than 200 distinct applications across its operations. A single department might have as many as 40 different apps to contend with during work. This environment is incredibly complex and only grows as companies scale up. Many of these applications don’t “talk” to one another. This disconnection creates data silos and necessitates manual work to move information around.

Integrating software opens the door to new ways of working. Connectors also create opportunities for bringing new functionality into existing solutions. The result, when well-executed, is a faster, more error-free workflow.

Introducing Our Featured Connectors

In the Marketplace, today’s automation experts extend the reach and impact of Tungsten intelligent automation. Each solution offers valuable functionality because it’s designed to address standard and existing business needs. Here are a few featured connectors and solutions with more information about how they can serve you.


Developed by Optima Global Solutions, TranscendAP is an exceedingly robust invoice-to-pay automation solution. In combination with solutions such as AP Essentials, companies can quickly migrate towards a mostly touchless approach to invoice processing. TranscendAP even helps with automating payments to vendors. Data ingested and extracted via AP Essentials can pass to TranscendAP seamlessly for additional action, such as:

  • Three-way and two-way matching
  • Detecting duplicate invoices
  • Transmitting data into ERP systems and more

Connecting your systems to transcendAP can transform how your accounts payable team works. Imagine; some invoices may never even need human intervention, flowing seamlessly from intake to validation, approval and payment.

OpenAI ChatGPT Integration with Tungsten Intelligent Automation

The buzz around LLMs such as ChatGPT only continues to grow. Many companies wonder how to leverage a generative capability within their frameworks. With this connector from Tungsten Labs, it’s possible right now. This connector simplifies integrating ChatGPT functionality into your next intelligent automation project. By providing direct access to a conversational chat model, you can engage in actions such as:

  • Summarizing large volumes of text
  • Identifying critical items of information in a large data set
  • Tokenizing text and performing deep analysis
  • Analyzing the sentiment of text, such as customer feedback.

This connector provides a clear and easy path toward giving your teams more tools for working in concert with advanced automation.

The SharePoint Server & Online Export Connector

SharePoint provides many businesses with a vital tool for collaborative document work today. However, moving documents into SharePoint and making them readily available to all users can be tedious. With large volumes of documents, that task becomes even more time-consuming and prone to error. The CaptureBites SharePoint Online Export Connector aims to provide a reliable solution.

As you scan documents, this connector streamlines data transitioning from place to place. Upon scanning, the connector can perform OCR on the document to extract the text, index the documents by barcoding, or do both. It then passes these documents—in the format you prefer and specify—directly into the appropriate SharePoint destination. Quickly give your teams access to the data they need to collaborate for success.

The Power PDF Connector SDK

Power PDF 5 is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use PDF editors on the market today—and you can connect its functionality to automation efforts, too.

These connectors open the door to integrating Power PDF functionality into key workflows or applications. For example, you may want to integrate directly with your Document Management System or DMS. Using this SDK, you can add a “Save to DMS” functionality to Power PDF. Integrate the software’s PDF creation and conversion functionality into other applications or create new buttons that simplify opening documents without swapping programs.

The Advantages You Unlock With These Solutions

Each connector brings unique strengths to the table. Some companies may benefit most from GPT integration to support better outcomes in customer success. Others may need to find cost savings in accounts payable to improve efficiency and reduce waste. By virtue of eliminating errors and automating efforts like matching, solutions such as TranscendAP make savings possible through better data connections.

Ultimately, Marketplace connectors support a company’s automation roadmap by facilitating these interlinks. Greater functionality and more seamless data movements translate into lower costs and faster results. Each opens the door to maximizing your ROI on existing automation investments without the need to develop new solutions from scratch.

Find More on the Marketplace Today

These featured solutions and connectors facilitate doing and achieving more with every workday. Better integration translates into faster results and more seamless data movements across your organization. New, advanced AI capabilities equip teams with unique tools that create opportunities to innovate and find better work methods. As intelligent automation continues to become a central element in the future of doing business, the Tungsten Marketplace offers a robust source of tools for staying on the cutting edge.

Discover more about these Tungsten connectors and other solutions in the Marketplace today. Connect with proven Tungsten partners for consulting and support targeted towards your specific use cases. It’s never been easier to implement a winning automation roadmap.

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