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Today’s business processes involve staggering amounts of data. Even something as simple as onboarding a new bank customer can require analyzing large amounts of information. Now multiply that process thousands of times for how often it might happen at your organization. These tasks require high-level decision making that takes place at scale and speed. With the TotalAgility - AzureAI connector from the Tungsten Marketplace, you can deploy advanced functionality for rapid impacts.

Intelligent automation platforms such as Tungsten TotalAgility provide the framework to unify data sources and processes. However, you can go even further today. Document ingestion and classification is just the tip of the iceberg. Integrating powerful models such as AzureAI allows you to leverage generative AI and related capabilities for better business outcomes. Let’s look at what it’s all about.

What is the TotalAgility - AzureAI Connector?

Developed by the independent Tungsten Labs, this free and open-source connector helps bridge a fundamental gap in today’s business processes. Some workflows may have a large amount of data associated with them; think of an open case for an insurance claim. There could be large volumes of document data and other information related to making final decisions on that case—but how do you know what the next best step is? Typically, finding that answer requires lots of manual work and time-consuming effort.

Funneling your data through TotalAgility into a powerful, modern AI system can give you faster access to the necessary insights. This connector provides a reliable, integrated means to power new decision processes. Built with ethical AI standards in mind, this solution aligns well with many industry needs.

What You Can Do With Integrated Capabilities

What’s possible to achieve once you stitch your processes together and bring the power of AzureAI more directly into your TotalAgility workflows? There are four main areas of benefit to understand.

Streamline key decision-making processes

Decision points occur at many points in business workflows. Some of these are more critical junctures than others. Consider onboarding a bank customer, for example. At a certain point, the organization must decide whether accepting the individual as a customer is legal and proper. The bank must know they wouldn’t violate laws or sanctions by working with the person. With connectivity to AzureAI, you receive support with automated decision making and options for the next steps.

Obtain data-driven insights into better work

Where TotalAgility supports work such as classification and extraction, connecting to Azure can let you use that data to inform models for decision making. Rely on real-world information to make smarter choices. Gain insights into anomalies or potential issues hidden within your data that would otherwise be very challenging to detect.

Build audit trails that provide clarity

Improve compliance and enforce good governance across your organization. Enjoy producing a highly detailed audit trail with a complete record of all AI-powered decisions. Monitor and conduct oversight to verify that automated processes produce the results you desire. Maintain traceability so you can always go backward into a process to see and understand where and why some decisions occurred.

Avoid complex integration difficulties

Bringing the power of AI decision making models into your business shouldn’t be a gargantuan effort. Instead, there should be a clear path to a positive ROI and a real impact on process outcomes. This free connector simplifies the process and helps you skip months of development time.

Some Use Cases for Applying TotalAgility and Azure AI

Many processes and industry-specific workflows can benefit from more automated decision-making. We’ve touched on a few examples already, but let’s recap. Some of the most promising ways to deploy this technology include:

  • Analyze financial customers applying for a loan to evaluate possible default risk.
  • Assess an individual’s financial documents and loan application for suitability.
  • Conduct critical anti-money laundering and know-your-customer work.
  • Achieve better due diligence in customer onboarding.
  • Analyze customer data and sentiment to identify potential targets for retention.
  • Streamline insurance claim processing with the implementation of advanced rules and deep data integration.

Such broad capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg. With AzureAI integrated into your processes, you can apply decision making technology to much more.

Explore More About This Powerful Resource

Advanced AI-powered decision making technology can be a critical asset to many business processes. From customer onboarding to financial workflows and beyond, AI can help your teams make better sense of large volumes of data. Integrated into your TotalAgility workflows and supported by extra data gathered by Tungsten RPA, these capabilities can help you achieve better business outcomes on a routine basis.

Find out more about how to use the TotalAgility - AzureAI connector today. This Tungsten Labs creation has an in-depth video series accompanying it. Use this series to learn more about how this connector works and see its examples in action. Start evaluating how your business can better use Marketplace resources today.

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