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OCR Accuracy and Performance: Finding the Perfect Balance

Download white paper

Organizations and developers are constantly seeking for the optimal way to maximize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) speed and accuracy in their applications and services. This is particularly valuable in applications where vast amounts of unstructured data need to be efficiently processed and analyzed, such as in data entry, content management systems, or document digitization projects. It is a crucial asset for developers seeking to streamline document-related workflows, enhance data accessibility, and improve the overall efficiency of their software solutions.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The challenges of utilizing unstructured data when dealing with critical business systems
  • Business imperatives to take your operations to the next level
  • Benefits and costs of fast and accurate data
  • Industry challenges and examples of when OCR can go wrong if not managed well

See how Tungsten OmniPage capture SDK empowers developers to achieve these objectives by providing the necessary tools and customization options to fine-tune OCR processing and strike the right balance between speed and accuracy according to their specific needs.

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