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Using RPA to Build Your First Chatbot

Automation continues to impact and reshape many business processes today. Most often, though, those changes take place in back-office systems in ways that are less visible to the average user. However, there are exciting ways to leverage automation tools and the maturing field of artificial intelligence to provide dynamic support for both customers and business users. With Kofax RPA and AI, you could remake the way people interact with you.

How can you get started? The Kofax Marketplace has valuable and easy-to-use solutions you can use to explore the possibilities and understand your next steps. Take a look at how you can use the Marketplace as a springboard toward effective chatbots.

Start by exploring how to build robots

Before you can use RPA in concert with an AI tool to power a chatbot, you’ll need to understand how to make software robots in the first place. Getting started is simple. The Marketplace hosts many free tutorials you can use to understand different products and potential opportunities. The independent Kofax Labs created the “Build a Robot in 2 Minutes” tutorial to demonstrate how to create basic robots.

Remember, RPA is rules-based and best suited to interacting with systems in a human-like manner. That makes it ideal for tasks such as data entry or extraction and other work involving manipulating software systems. When you add the power of a conversational AI tool such as Cognigny, you can start to see what’s possible with a chatbot.

Cognigny and Conversational AI

Conversational artificial intelligence refers to a type of software tool that uses natural language processing and other language models to “understand” and interpret text input. In the past, chatbots primarily relied on keyword identification or providing users with clickable options. Conversational AI can replicate the experience of speaking to a human helper and discern more about intent and meaning from a user’s input.

Whether that input is simple, similar to a search engine query, or complex in the form of natural language, tools such as Cognigny can provide an accurate and helpful means of supporting customers or employers. Users can simply ask the chatbot for help with their specific issue. Then, using RPA behind the scenes, you can take action—such as searching for an item, pulling up a customer’s record, or making an account change.

Try the Kofax Labs chatbot tutorial

Once you’ve completed the initial tutorial on building a robot, you can explore another Kofax Labs tutorial for building chatbots using Cognigny integration. This free resource provides a detailed guide that takes you step-by-step through each part of the setup process. It includes a free demo account for Cognigny.AI so you can explore basic functionality as you learn and test your first chatbot. By the end, you should have a clearer understanding of what’s involved and what you can do. This resource includes additional links for further learning to advance your chatbot program.

Why add conversational AI to your RPA systems?

Exploring what’s possible with this free tutorial lets you evaluate how AI and RPA could benefit your business. Today, many websites and utilities rely on these solutions for user communications. What are some of the advantages available to you with such solutions?

  • Provide 24/7 support without the need for human intervention
  • Offer streamlined self-service options for everyday tasks
  • Use chatbots for gathering leads and guiding users into the sales funnel
  • Generate reports based on conversations to alert staff to more advanced customer service needs

Take your first steps

With free solutions for training available in the Kofax Marketplace, understanding chatbot building and use cases is much simpler. Explore the potential to leverage Cognigny conversational AI and the intuitive development environment of Kofax RPA. Whether you build solutions for customer support or a tool to assist employees with internal processes, your journey starts with the first step towards learning more. Discover what’s possible in the Marketplace today.

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