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Unlocking Real-time Visibility in Supply Chain Management

Behind every product for sale and supply acquired for a business is a long and complex supply chain. That supply chain can often span large distances—perhaps even the globe. Managing these processes is a considerable challenge for any business, and for those operating at scale, it’s of even greater importance.

A modern, resilient supply chain demands business processes emphasizing visibility throughout. Without that insight, bottlenecks develop, slowdowns occur, quality degrades, and expenses rise. Tungsten Automation and our partners have worked to create purpose-built solutions to tackle these problems. Explore why this need is so pressing and how to resolve it today.

The Demand for Better Visibility in Today’s Processes

What makes control and insight into your supply chain so important? There are several reasons. Silos that create information gaps between departments can develop expensive miscommunications. You might place incorrect orders, forget necessary orders, or lose products stranded in the wrong location.

Poor supply chain management and visibility develop disparities. Fulfillment may not occur on time or at all. Cycle times can increase and negatively impact customer satisfaction. Delays and problems can prove costly to a business. Better technology and improved insights are imperative to tackle these problems. Where do you start?

Centralized Digital Data Is the Key to Success

You can’t develop supply chain visibility without all the data. That means investing in centralizing all the information you can gather about your supply chain. You must leave behind manual workflows and heavily paper-based processes. It’s time to embrace a more fully digital supply chain experience. Without solutions that can digitize, centralize and analyze this data, you won’t be able to make intelligent decisions on the same level as your competition.

Harness Technology for More Insight and Control

Tungsten technology and purpose-built solutions for today’s automated supply chain are the answer. Low-code intelligent automation platforms such as Tungsten TotalAgility are the foundation of processes that will enable better management. The Tungsten Marketplace, an online hub for case-specific solutions, also features a valuable tool for enhancing visibility. The Transport and Logistics Solution Framework immediately equips your business with a tool to transform your workflows.

This framework facilitates multi-channel data capture and transforms unstructured documents into actionable digital information. The solution ingests documents, identifies them by type, extracts and validates their data and checks it all against business rules. At the end of the workflow, the solution exports data into integrated systems where you can manipulate and explore the information.

Learn more from origin certificates, bills of lading, invoices, receipts, etc. This framework includes an in-depth report generation capability so you can proactively manage processing times and see problems with supply chain activities. Automatically match related documents. Eliminate the errors associated with manual data entry while keeping humans in the loop to validate extracted information fully.

Using a simple way to centralize all your data, you can enjoy real-time visibility into precise movement across your supply chain at any moment.

Develop a Better Approach to Your Supply Chain Today

Modern supply chains are more complex than ever and have many interconnections. Can you reliably understand the status of goods in transit, existing inventory levels and other metrics for your business? You can acquire deep insights into your process with solutions from Tungsten Automation and the Marketplace. Find ways to eliminate slowdowns, develop more agility and meet the demands placed on your business reliably. Find Marketplace solutions that meet your needs now.

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