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Marketplace Solution of the Month: Tungsten Capture Reports

Document workflows are the unseen lifeblood of businesses. These processes transfer vital information, inform how teams work, determine how well you communicate, and more. Agility and resilience come partly from smarter document handling in the current economic environment. Intelligent automation has a vital role to play here today. Solutions such as Tungsten Capture place extensive abilities at your disposal.

Capture supports automating and accelerating your processes at any scale. However, it’s vital to bolster your automation investment with insights about its performance. Many automation projects fall short due to a lack of data and control. Success comes from intelligent project administration and the appropriate application of business-specific modifications.

Today, we’ll highlight a solution from the Tungsten Marketplace that extends Capture functionality. See how you can empower your company to make better choices with access to the data that matters. First, let’s review the features Capture can bring to your business.

The Versatility of Tungsten Capture

A significant issue facing knowledge workers is the volume of data they must handle. Information streams to them from every direction. Multiple channels feed new data into the business all day, every day. Emails, mail, faxes, web downloads, and more must all arrive for processing at the correct place. With manual workflows or disconnected automated solutions, errors and missed hand-offs are too familiar. Tungsten Capture offers a multi-channel solution for intelligent document processing.

Integrated directly into your capture methods and connected to your main software solutions, Capture uses artificial intelligence to read and understand document content. Data undergoes extraction and classification. Then, with more than 100 software connectors, you can route that data to the correct location for the next steps and additional work. Capture works with structured and unstructured data across many document types. Over time and with more documents, Capture even grows and adapts to provide better results on your business-specific data.

Remember, though, you can’t set it and forget it. Success in automation comes from active involvement in administration.

What Does the Capture Reports Module Do?

You need ample data to understand how your investment in automation performs and how teams respond. Trying to crunch the numbers manually isn’t feasible. It would take too long to derive actionable insights. As you arrive at one conclusion, the data may already be different. You might never see the patterns or warning signs that indicate you need to make some changes. The Tungsten Capture Reports module from our proven partner, AAC Systems, provides a valuable tool for insight.

The goal of this solution is simple: provide companies with a clear understanding of how Capture impacts their business processes. Are you seeing the benefits you hoped for? Do teams rely on Capture in their processes as they should? Capture Reports generates detailed and readable information about your processes. For example, you can trigger report generation on elements such as:

  • A general system overview provides key operational statistics and processes health insights.
  • A detailed overview of document processing work and outcomes based on document type or batch class.
  • A history of batch processing to quickly visualize how much work your teams completed.
  • Productivity reports that contain key performance indicators and other metrics.

These insights can help you identify bottlenecks where process tweaks will enable better and more fully automated outcomes. Audit your workflows to determine where you need further refinements or identify issues where teams might perform insufficiently. Generate reports based on your level of need. Configure the module to provide reports monthly, weekly, or even daily.

With the Tungsten Capture reporting tool, you can fully engage in the direction of your automation investment. Equip your workforce with more knowledge, giving them greater power to impact their workflow outcomes. You can achieve a positive ROI sooner with intelligent automation and a clear understanding of its impacts on your processes.

Find More Ways to Enhance Your Automation Investment’s Impact

A successful automation investment doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it requires careful planning, shrewd choices and proactive monitoring of process changes. Tungsten Capture can offer a fundamental shift to your business operations. Keep your eyes on the goal with a Marketplace solution that empowers you to obtain critical insights into your new workflows.

The Capture Reports solution is just one example of the versatile support available in the Tungsten Marketplace. Our goal, and the goal of our partners, is to provide you with the tools and understanding required to modernize your team’s work. Learn more about this reporting module today, or explore other valuable Marketplace resources now.

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