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Optimizing Shareholder Communication with Exceptional Reporting

Fulfilling the fiduciary responsibility that an enterprise has to its shareholders is a multi-faceted effort. There are daily efforts and goals to focus on during the drive towards success and growth, but there are also periodic check-ins that help shareholders to understand the health of the business. Robust reporting of financials, current and future projects, and other information is essential to developing shareholder confidence and opening new opportunities for future investments.

With a PDF editor such as Kofax Power PDF, gathering all the necessary materials for your next shareholder report is easy.

Addressing Common Reporting Challenges

To deliver transparency to shareholders and operate according to best practices, businesses must produce comprehensive reports that combine introductory and explanatory texts with rich graphics and charts to illustrate key points. It is a task that is easier said than done. Challenges commonly encountered by legal professionals producing shareholder reports include:

  • Resource documents made up of many different types of files, ranging from JPG and PNG images to CSV spreadsheets.
  • Tedious transcription and data entry workflows involved in digitizing hard copy data for inclusion into reports.
  • Poor version control and collaboration, leading to confusion.

Power PDF Makes Assembling Reports Easy

Each of these difficulties prolongs the time that it takes to produce vital reports. We developed Power PDF with challenges such as these in mind, putting all the tools necessary for effective report-building within easy reach inside a familiar Microsoft Office-style interface. With Power PDF, you can:

  • Rapidly convert more than a dozen common file types to and from PDF, including JPG to PDF and PDF to PNG.
  • Create, edit, and combine multiple PDFs into one document while incorporating charts and graphics supplied by other teams. Convert documents for inclusion then instantly add them to the right report section.
  • Use industry-leading OCR technology to yield highly accurate document scans that are immediately available as searchable, full-text PDFs.

Packed full of functionality, Power PDF streamlines reporting for faster, better-looking results.

Create Continuity with Consistent Information

Collaboration between teams and remote offices is essential for accurate reporting, but confusion runs rampant when multiple versions of reports float around at once. Power PDF not only interfaces with popular cloud document systems but also provides built-in real-time collaboration capabilities. In just a few clicks, users on the same network can open and edit documents together, making it simple to stay on target for reporting deadlines.

Tap into the Tools of Tomorrow's Workforce

Providing your shareholders with the snapshots that they need to understand the health of your enterprise is vital, and strong reporting practices can even inspire additional investments. Enable your business to do more in less time with a PDF editor built with business in mind.

With per-user perpetual licenses to fully equip your specialists and volume deals for the entire office, there are cost-effective options for SMBs across industries. Try a free trial version for 15 days, then discover how you could save up to 70% on licensing versus other popular solutions. Work Like Tomorrow™ and show your shareholders the difference that it makes.

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