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How to reduce fraud in the automation of claims

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Reducing insurance claims fraud

Insurance organisations must balance their customers claim experience with the level of protection they need to use to manage the rising amount of fraud. Insurance fraud is estimated to cost up to $2.2 billion every year, directly impacting premiums. Of course, undetected insurance fraud is, by virtue of it being undetected, often treated as a legitimate claim and paid by an insurer, drawing down on the pool of funds available to pay the claims of honest policyholders.

Smiling young female entrepreneur going through paperwork while working on a laptop at her dining room table at home

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • how to uncover as much fraud as possible in your claims process by uncovering document forgery,
  • how to make it easier for your customers to process claims through mobile phone capture, and
  • how automation can help process the high volume of claims so people can intervene to make decisions where necessary

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